Failing to root the HTC Desire

Rooting the HTC Desire: a time-consuming failure

  1. Unrevoked
    Rooting with unrevoked on Linux doesn’t work with my HT Desire (for others as well). UnrEVOked ends with the following error message: Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new? All possible solutions, as resetting to factory settings or deinstalling most apps, didn’t work in my case.
  2. Revolutionary
    Revolutionary was my second best hope. Unfortunately, it got stuck “Waiting for fastboot…
  3. AlphaRev didn’t work either: “device not supported”. Anyway Apharev is deprecated and one should use revolutionary.

Wrap-Up: I had no luck rooting the HTC Desire, as both unrevoked and revolutionary didn’t do the job. Without root access, I couldn’t install ClockworkMod, and subsequently failed to install Cyanogenmod on my HTC Desire. Here are some more problems which I encountered trying to root the HTC:

Udev Android Rules

Here is Googles official guide to setting up the udev rules for android devices. If you don’t set the rules, you’ll get a void “List of devices attached” when running adb or fastboot.

In my case, it worked better to create
/lib/udev/rules.d/11-android.rules instead of

Fastboot: no permissions error

$ fastboot devices
no permissions    fastboot

Easiest solution: run fastboot as root. First cd to you directory and then:
$ sudo ./fastboot

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